Student Speak

Manish Kumar IIT (AIR-698)  

A school like temple for me, where I started my so called “Formal studies” at one of the batch of students in the year 1998. DAV “movement” has been India’s one of the most powerful movements imparting both “Anglo” as well as vedic values ……… I wish a great luck for the institution.

Nishant  (Std.- IX)

An amazing and a masterpiece place is school, where a student can get ample wisdom for the development of his/her life. I am such a student, who has gathered much inspiration and blessing of my Principal Sir and the gifts of wisdom of my teachers, DAV Public School, Lalpania to step ahead.

Chanda Bharti (Std.-X)

Generation by generation we wake up through a call of teachers and it is possible only through school. I am very much fortune that I have got such a temple like school, DAV Public School, Lalpania and God & Goddess like teachers that whatever I have secured today, only & only due to them.

Gaurav Pandey (Std.-X)

I have done very well in Xth Board Exams due to the cooperation of my teachers and parents. It was never possible for me to achieve this without their help. Our Principal Sir, Dr. Vijay Kumar guided us in the preparations for the exams. Hence, DAV Public School, Lalpania is one of the best schools in Jharkhand and I would like to thank all the teachers for their cooperation.

Abhishek Ojha (Std. – X)

DAV Public School, Lalpania is one of the best institutions in Santhal Pargana. The teachers of the school are very hardworking and cooperative. Our Principal, Dr. Vijay Kumar is the main motivating force before the students. He always remains on his toes to help the students. My good performance in CBSE Xth Board is unimaginable without the cooperation of my parents teachers and friends.

Ashutosh Kumar (Std. – X)

Academic excellence is certainly important for anyone. But an educated man is not necessary a civilized man. As our Vedas say inner purity and self discipline are two extremely important ingredients of a human being. I got sound knowledge, inner purity and self discipline through my school & teacher.